Whether you choose to publish your book through a Subsidy Press or go 100% independent, you are essentially setting up a business. From choosing your publishing company name to filing sales taxes for books sold, several things need to be done before you can announce your book to the world. If you already have an established business or non-profit, consider rolling your publishing “arm” under that existing business. The book(s) you publish will not only add credibility to your business, but it will open the door for further opportunities.

Important Considerations Regarding the Business of Publishing Your Book

The links below represent several important considerations regarding the business of publishing your book. Take the time to look at each section carefully.

Setting Up Your Business

Your Business Identity

ISBN Assignment

Control Number and Cataloging in Publication Registration

Copyright Registration

BowkerLink Registration


The business of publishing is a detailed process. If you find you’d like to have someone take care of these details for you, contact us at We offer a wide range of publishing services and several affordable packages depending on your needs.