Are you looking for a quality-controlled Kindle formatting team to take your PDF and make it a beautiful Kindle book?

Have you tried one of those auto-PDF-to-Kindle formatting programs and ended up with a messy Kindle book no matter what you did?

With our PDF to Kindle Digital Publishing program you now have the power to pre-qualify your leads, make more money, and most of all become the go-to expert with increased credibility!

“Kristen saved my life! She made the process of formatting my eBook for Kindle very easy and answered my 101 questions without batting an eyelash. I would highly recommend her services!”

~ Kim Garst , author of The Quick and Easy Guide to Branding Your Business and Creating Massive Sales with Pinterest

Sure, you can try it yourself and waste time and money to teach yourself XHTML and eBook code, or use the MS Word to HTML settings that almost always insert “junk” code giving your book errors that you have to figure out on your own.

Or you can outsource it to a team of people you have to find, you have to manage from start to finish, and you will end up annoyed and frustrated because you don’t know the publishing process.

Don’t you want to dream bigger
and stop pulling your hair out about this Kindle thing?

“I was a lost ball in high weeds. I emailed and Kristen called back right away. I sent in my stuff on Wednesday and by Thursday of the following week, my book was for sale on Kindle. If that were not enough, I received consistent, kind, and efficient service along the way. I have been blessed to have made this connection.”

~Chuck Rodgers, Licensed Professional Counselor

Wouldn’t it be great if you could go to a one-stop-shop of proven publishing experts to handle it all for you?

That’s where we come in.

How does it work? You hand us your “pretty” PDF file and we take care of the rest! Choose your package level to meet your exact needs in the chart below. Enter your page count and an exact quote will appear in the “TOTAL” box. Then simply upload your zipped PDF file (and book cover if you have one) and click “Submit.”



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All files must be in PDF format! Depending on the size of your files, it may take a couple minutes for your files to upload.

Package Details:

eBook formatting: Includes MOBI format for Kindle and EPUB format for iPad, Nook and Sony Reader. Note that there is no standard in this industry. Your file will appear different on every device. Some advanced formatting such as graphics, tables and bullets may appear to have extra "space" around them due to the way the reader is displaying. We check every eBook file on our Kindle (the most problematic device) to ensure quality.

Revisions: Unless it is a formatting error we overlooked during our review, revisions will be billed at an additional charge. To keep our pricing affordable, we do not include revisions in these PDF to Kindle packages. We expect you to submit to us an edited manuscript. If you wish, we offer professional book editing at an a'la carte rate.

*Account setup with eBook distributor: For packages that include account setup, we will either set up your account with one of the following: 1. Amazon's Direct to Kindle program (no additional fee, Kindle format distributed via's Kindle store only) 2. A distributor that handles all eBook retailers including Amazon's Kindle Store, Barnes and Noble for Nook, Apple iBookstore for iPad, Sony Reader Store, Baker & Taylor, and more. (*Distributor's fee is $99 per eBook setup and $19 per year. Revisions are considered to be a new eBook by this distributor. This fee is in addition to the above and can be discussed once you submit your eBook with either the Basic Plus or Deluxe packages.)

Custom eBook cover design: Our professional book designers understand that a front and back cover needs to be created 100% from scratch to match the unique content you have written. Instead of a "template" that makes your book look like it's part of someone else's series, we only offer fully custom professional book cover designs. Your custom design includes one stock photo or we can use your photos or artwork. Three design revisions are included with our eBook cover design. Covers are front only, no back or spine is included.

Payment and payment plans: Payment may be made at the PayPal link after clicking the "Submit" button under "TOTAL" You must insert a page count equal to the number of pages in your PDF for your order to be processed. For payment plans, we offer a 50% deposit/50% upon completion payment plan for the Deluxe package only. The balance must be paid before we set up your book with your chosen eBook distributor or release any files to you, including cover images and converted files. Please contact us for the Deluxe package payment plan option as this cannot be processed via the above form.

Cancellation policy: In the event of cancellation within 30 days of submitting your PDF for conversion and payment, a cancellation fee for work completed, based on the price and expenses already incurred by Imagine! Studios, LLC will be paid by you. A refund will be submitted to you less these incurred fees.

Rush this Order: Normal turnaround times for "Basic" packages are 4-5 business days. "Deluxe" packages including cover design take 5-7 business days. If you select "Rush this Order," your delivery will be guaranteed as follows: "Basic" - 3-4 business days, "Deluxe" 3-5 business days. Editing is an add-on item that is not included in rush timelines and can take up to two weeks. Rush orders incur an additional $25 fee.