What others say about The I Am Published! Program…


Thank you kindly for walking me through this process of publishing and beyond. I cannot tell you how fortunate I feel to have found you and to work with you.

–Arden Blackwell, Author

Folks, just save yourself the hassle and use [I Am Published!] to take care of it for you. 1) You know it will be done right; 2) You can save yourself hours in investigation/legal time; 3) You can save yourself money by not having to re-do what you’ve already paid for (or worse); and 4) [they are] just plain NICE, honest and competent, and you would be a moron to choose another company.

—Simone Blum-Sherman

Thanks to [I Am Published!] I was able to get an amazing cover.

—Lasse Rouhiainen

Just bought an ebook copy of each of my books: The Essential Handbook for Buying a Home and The Essential Handbook for Selling a Home. I must say, the formatting is FABULOUS! Thanks [I Am Published!]. You rock.

—Karen Rittenhouse, Author

When I see someone doing something outstanding, I get excited! The fact that you are publishing people without their having to go through the trial and error of sending manuscripts to hundreds of publishers and not knowing whether they are going to be published is worth a mint in itself.

Obviously, they still need a quality work, but with your help, they don’t have to blindly use the shotgun approach to publishing…

—Micheal Savoie

You are Amazing! I soooo appreciate how you go the extra mile to help me get my book out! You actually went to Barnes and Nobel to research picture book layouts one more time, just to make sure we got it set up in the current style??!!!! Wow! Thank you!

—Susie Caron, Children’s Book Author

Working with you was the highlight of our year.

—The August Derleth Society

I always knew I would write books, but I didn’t know where to go to get them published. This program allowed me to learn how to become a self-publisher without having to pay a lot of money at one time. I learned how to publish my own book step by step.

—Linda Chapman, Healing Hurting Hearts Ministries

[The I Am Published! team members] are thorough, patient, cover every detail, answer questions and cover areas I would not have known to ask. They have done their homework in covering every area and offer much more for the services rendered and charge less. I am most grateful for their priority being that God gets all the glory for their uncompromised work of integrity.

—Gayle Chandler, Source of Joy Publishers

You basically ARE the book. I wrote the words, you assembled the package. I think we “got it” as far as working together, and the next projects are going to be better and better.

We’ve got the book magic going on. You rock!

—Mark Champion, Mark Champion Press

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