12 Reasons You Should Write a Book

12 Reasons You Should Write a Book


The fact that you are on this blog site shows you are curious and that it has entered your mind to write a book before this moment in time.

Even though it may not be a brand new idea, you’ve taken an important step by browsing and seeing what you can learn.

No doubt, you’re looking for some kind of encouragement that would lead you toward making some kind of commitment or at least moving ahead from where you are now.

Read these 12 Reasons Why You Should Write a Book and if you are feeling even more adventurous, look around our website. Be sure to contact us if we can help!


1. To share your expertise

2. A book is the best possible image development tool to help you build your business

3. A book is a great product to sell through a blog, seminar or speaking engagement

4. As the basis for other creative works, such as a movie, play, speech, etc.

5. To set yourself apart from your competition

6. To create a legacy

7. Because you have a story to tell

8. To help others do something better

9. If anyone has ever told you that you should

10. For the purpose of documenting an experience

11. To memorialize a person

12. To fulfill a dream…because it’s an awesome feeling to publish your vision


In the comment section below, tell us why you want to write a book!



21 Reasons to Use I Am Published to Publish Your Book

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Assisted self publishing is a happy medium between DIY and traditional publishing. It might be the right fit for you!
Every registration is done in your name as the publisher of record. There’s no middle man, no vanity “publishing” company slapping its name on your book and stealing profits from your hard-earned book sales.
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  9. Professional copyediting
  10. Timelines that fit your schedule (in as little as 45 days)
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    Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram, Baker & Taylor and more
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  14. Print cost based on specs (not retail price)
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  21. Useful marketing materials