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Two Homes for Daniel

I Am Published! helped California author, Faydra Koenig, publish her book, Two Homes for Daniel, which was inspired by the issues her own family faced with divorce. Faydra is a mental health professional who helps clients deal with radical life changes, including divorce.Two Homes for Daniel (book Cover), By Fadra Koenig, MA, Illustrated by Joe Eckstein

Ms. Koenig was very pleased with the experience of working with I Am Published! She loved the artwork and was completely satisfied with the exceptional quality she received. As a busy professional, who had used I Am Published! in the past for other publications, she was confident to trust the details to the team.

In Two Homes for Daniel, Daniel the Dinosaur—a velociraptor—has a mommy and a daddy who are divorced and has to learn to live in two houses, apart from each of his parents. In this book, Daniel discovers that divorce doesn’t have to stop families from loving one another.

The I Am Published! team handled the entire publishing of the book, including copy editing, illustrations, book design, formatting, e-book formatting, distribution, and providing marketing materials.

Illustrator Joe Eckstein had fun drawing the dinosaur characters for this book. He worked closely with the author to develop the look of the characters she had in mind as well as each of the illustrations, from the initial sketch to final approval. Joe surpassed Faydra’s expectations by creating illustrations that were animated and engaging while conveying emotion.

Two Homes for Daniel is one of three books in the Daniel the Dinosaur and Friends series.

Daniel the Dinosaur was very sad. He cried at night, because he missed his dad. He loved his mommy, there was no doubt, but without his daddy, he felt left out.

"We promise, Daniel, no matter how hard it seems, to do our best to help you reach your dreams." D"divorce is hard, but it doesn't have to be when Mommies and Daddies make kids a priority."

You may order Two Homes for Daniel on, other online retailers, or through your local bookstore.

 I Am Published! recommends getting this book for any child you know who may be dealing with this life situation.

Also check out the post “Helping Children Deal with Divorce” on Faydra Koenig’s blog. To learn more about Faydra Koenig and her work, visit

Eight Things Should You Expect From Your Book Cover Designer

Eight things you should expect from your book cover designerReaders do judge a book by its cover, so it’s important to make your book or e-book stand out. A good book cover designer will create a custom cover for your paperback or hardcover book that will attract readers’ attention and give your book professional credibility.

  1. Your book cover designer should be able to provide you with a fully custom, professional book cover design that includes the front cover, back cover, and spine for either a paperback or hardcover format of your book.
  2. If you are planning to publish an e-book, only a front cover design is needed, so you can expect to pay less than you’d pay for a full book cover design.
  3. For paperback, hardcover or e-books, the design you receive should include multiple concepts and incorporate stock imagery, custom graphics, or feature photos or artwork you provide.
  4. Chances are good that you may want to fine-tune your cover during the design process. You should be allowed the opportunity to make changes to the color, text, layout or images on your cover, with no hard feelings.
  5. In case you want to create multiple books or e-books in a series, your book cover designer can create your cover as a template that can be saved and later applied to subsequent books for a discounted price.
  6. Your book designer should either insert the ISBN and EAN barcode or allow the space for the barcode according to required specifications for book printing.
  7. The designer should provide the final files for the printer according to the printer’s specifications.
  8. Images of your cover should be made available to you for an e-book format and for the purpose of promoting your book.

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